Powerball (австралия) — powerball (australia)

Aussies Can Play the Powerball

If you thought you couldn’t play the US Powerball because you live in Australia, think again mate! A little known fact about the Powerball lottery is that Aussies, or any non-U.S. citizens for that matter, are allowed to play and collect the prize. So, we’re good to go, right?

One way to buy your Powerball tickets is to get on a plane and fly from Sydney or Melbourne to the nearest lottery retailer in California. That will probably cost quite a lot of money, though.

There’s another way to play. Purchase your Powerball lottery tickets with us and take advantage of our lottery messenger services. Our local agent based in the United States will hold onto your tickets until the day comes that you have won a huge Powerball prize. This is totally legit. You can play the Powerball from Down Under, so what are you waiting for? 

Australia Powerball

Powerball (австралия) - powerball (australia)

Powerball Australia Latest Result and Winning Numbers


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Powerball Australia 101

Powerball Australia is a weekly lottery draw game that takes place every Thursday. The structure of this lottery draw follows a 6/40 + 1/20 structure. This means that a player must pick 6 numbers from a pool of 40. Also, one bonus ball from a separate pool of 20. Powerball Australia has been drawing numbers and creating millionaires since its first drawing back in 1996. Don’t confuse with the popular American lottery game that goes by the same name, Powerball Australia is one of the most popular domestic lotteries in Australia. This popularity not restricted to inside Australia. Over the years this lotto draw has established itself as one of the leaders in the online lottery market. In some ways, Australia is the real home of lotteries, a small population but they love to play the lottery – they have one every day! It stems from an English culture where gambling and betting are an ever-present and a real part of life. The Powerball Australia has made many, many millionaires since 1996 and also given back a lot to the local communities and education programs as was intended when the Powerball Australia was first established. This charity assistance is a common feature of a State lottery and the Powerball Australia is no different, giving a large proportion of its income to charity.

Powerball Australia Results & Jackpots

Despite the fact that there is a different lottery draw every day. The Powerball Australia stands above its competitors as it regularly has big jackpots and, like all the Australian draws, the prizes are tax-free! There is a minimum jackpot of $3m AUD. This is even bigger than the Oz Lotto which is commonly (if, mistakenly) considered by some to be the biggest lottery game in Australia. The Powerball Australia has a no limit rollover policy meaning that the jackpot for this draw continues to grow and grow until a winner identity found. The current record jackpot for the Powerball Australia stands at $80m AUD.

Play Powerball Australia Online

Just because you don’t live in Australia doesn’t mean that you can’t join and play in this lottery. The Australian lotteries have always been open to players who are not based physically in Australia. Many years ago, this may have entailed postage payment or subscription methods to play multiple months in advance. However, nowadays, thanks to the internet and the revolution in an online lottery, you can sit back in the comfort of your home and pick your numbers with ease. You have no excuses if you want to play Powerball Australia you can from anywhere in the world. Also if you want to check your Powerball Australia results, you can, from anywhere in the world!

Powerball Australia Results

The results for the Powerball Australia uploaded just after the live draw has taken place. No matter where you are in the world. You can watch the draw live via the official site of Tatts – the company in charge of the Powerball Australia. The draw takes place in the evening in Australia and so the Powerball Australia Results uploaded at midday UTC (depending on daylight savings, the Powerball Australia Results are uploaded between 12 pm – 2 pm UTC). After the Powerball Results uploaded, there is a slight delay until the prize divisions worked out. The prize divisions for the Powerball Australia Results take a little longer to release. As they need to check who has won, and how much they have won. When you are dealing with millions of players and millions of dollars, it can take some time for this information to be uploaded. In our experience, the Powerball Australia Results uploaded 1 – 2 hours before the official prize breakdown has been released.

Check out the latest Powerball Australia Results below and see if you have matched your numbers to take home the big prize. The smaller prizes in this draw have some of the best odds of any online lottery game out there. So there is always a good reason to play Powerball Australia.

Play Powerball Australia

To play the Powerball Australia online and get yourself ready to check the results next week. You need to get a ticket in time for the upcoming draw and see just how simple, fun and exciting it is. Not only to play Powerball Australia but to check your Powerball results and see if you’re a winner. You never know, you could be the next Powerball Australia multi-millionaire!

Odds of Winning Powerball Australia

With bigger prizes come lower odds. This is exactly what you can expect with Powerball Australia. The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 is to 134,490,000 based on a single game. Although the odds may appear to offer a very slim chance, it’s slightly better compared to Powerball(US) and Mega Millions. Your Powerball odds Australia and chances increase as you move from one Division prize to the next. The minimum prize you can collect, a Division 9 prize, offers you a 1 to 66 chance of taking home the prize. As we’ve mentioned, this prize is awarded to you if you can match 2 winning numbers and the Powerball.

Последние победители лотереи Powerball Австралия.

Ниже представлен список последних победителей лотереи Powerball Австралия:

Дата Лото выигрыш Где были проданы выигрышные билеты Победители
23 июня 2016 AUD$ 3 миллиона австралийских долларов Квинсленд Анонимный победитель из юго-восточной части города Брисбена, Квинсленд.
16 июня 2016 AUD$ 3 миллиона австралийских долларов Виктория и Западная Австралия Лото выигрыши поделили между собой два победителя. Первая половина джекпота досталась игроку из  Мельбурна, вторая половина – счастливчику из Западной Австралии (город неизвестен).
2 июня 2016 AUD$ 6 миллионов австралийских долларов Виктория Один анонимный победитель – 50-летний мужчина из города Стоул.
19 мая 2016 AUD$ 3 миллиона австралийских долларов Виктория Джекпот достался анонимной победительнице из города Вантирна.
12 мая 2016 AUD$ 3 миллиона австралийских долларов Квинсленд и Виктория Джекпот поделили между собой 2 победителя. Один выигрышный билет был продан в городе Брисбен, Квинсленд. Вторая половина джекпота досталась пожилой супружеской паре из Мельбурна.
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